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Our Mission.

We seeks to manage the travel requirements of your company and add value to your travel spending. We tend to focus on the customers’ requirements to come up with effective strategies for meeting their demands in an efficient manner. Furthermore our company provide recruiting services to the people who want to be recruited abroad through our company to purify and utilize their capabilities. Our mission is to offer corporate travel solutions, overseas employment to locals as well as opportunity to foreign to get recruitment through our company.

Our Vision
UNI-LINK seeks to enhance the corporate management tools to improve the service while reducing your travel costs. We manage almost every type of travel needs, from simplest to the complex, and create an unparalleled experience that our customers could rely on. We aim to maintain our vision of high class travel services at reasonable prices through consistent leadership, controlled growth and excellent commitment. This is not enough we also aim to become the biggest and only reliable recruiter in the region for those who trust us.
What makes us different?
We have a state of the art technical structure equipped with the latest technologies and modern services that distinguish us from other Travel and Recruiting agencies of the kind. Our salient features and services include: 1- We give extra importance to the personal choices of our valuable customers. A comprehensive data is kept in our database that ensures that we have complete understanding of our clients in terms of their favorite meal plans, their seat likings, entertainment likings, and more. 2- Realizing the competitive market, our main goal is to emphasize more to provide competitive cost, but not compromise on quality as well. Thus, you will find the best value for your money with us. 3- Clients who travel with us do not have to worry about anything at all. With our highly qualified & professional counseling staff, we make sure that our client’s travel is as convenient as possible. Hence, we are always there to guide you throughout your travel, whether you are for a business trip or just for tourism. 4- Since we are equipped with the advanced technology and services, we have a complete online structure of services to provide the clients with an ease of making reservation for accommodation anywhere across the globe 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 5- UNI-LINK provides International Travel Insurance for our clients to ensure your safety and protection when travelling abroad. Your well being is our primary goal so we tailor solutions with this in mind. We can also provide you with an International Driving License that ensures motor vehicle travel in a foreign country that is hassle free. 6- Above all we are committed to our agreements made with job seekers through our channel to enhance their job seeking satisfaction with their choice of selection. We have outstanding experience in the field of recruitment, job description and job specification to meet demands of companies as well as job seekers.
The specific objectives of the company include:  To manage all the travel requirements of the companies while providing ease and sort of convenience to the customers.  To add value to the travel sector of different companies  To offer the traveling services at very reasonable prices  To offer an airline ticket including LCC and offline carriers  To promote overseas employment in the region.  To give opportunity individual to purify and enhance their skills and capabilities abroad. Specifically established to take over the responsibility of planning and managing the travel requirements of your company whilst providing convenience to your travelers and adding value to your travel spend. Seeking a challenging career opportunity as Travel Agent where in our skill and experience are utilized to the fullest. We aim to be recognized as the industry leader for our unique and innovative products and our specialized high quality and value added services. Right from the ticket to auxiliary services, ranging from car hire to hotel accommodation or ground services to holiday insurance or meet-n-assist at the airports and all inclusive tour packages, we are geared to provide it efficiently and timely. With the latest communication technology to provide the highest level of services, our computerized online system not only provides up to the last minute “best buy” fares but is also capable of reserving the hotel of your choice world- wide 24 hours, 7 days a week. A solid infrastructure has been built with dedicated and knowledgeable staff to help you get the most of your travel expenditure. Our inbound division has partnered with local suppliers to ensure the best price and quality of service to our clients
Our Corporate Business
UNI-LINK Corporate Travel Services are specially designed in such a manner that it has become an ultimate solution for all corporate travel needs. We provide such efficient efforts and services that all you need to worry is about your business and leave the rest of the travel services for us. We make our best efforts to deal with small and large companies equally well. The number of various major corporations of Qatar is itself a massive proof of our dedicated efforts and services. Since our early age in 2008, there are a lot of corporations taking continuous keen interest in our agency and those numbers are increasing day by day. We have this ability to arrange such amazing travel experiences that the other travel agency lack. Hence, we ensure that you get the best value for each and every riyal paid by you. We make our best efforts to deal with small and large companies equally well. The number of various major corporations of Qatar is itself a massive proof of our dedicated efforts and services. Since our early age in 2008, there are a lot of corporations taking continuous keen interest in our agency and those numbers are increasing day by day.

UNI-LINK Corporate services
We analyze your recent corporate travel expenditures and the needs of your company and provide special features accordingly. This analysis helps us facilitate you in number of ways and makes us provide even further services for you. Some of them are:  A proper analysis helps us providing you the best air fares directly from the airlines.  It lets us provide you the best accommodations at the best location according to your business needs while at the lowest possible cost.  We can avoid any negotiation for you regarding the accommodations, air fares & transportation.  Once we get the proper idea of your business, we can help you get extra discounts on our services based on the volume of the business. .








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